Hi, my name is Mwaura. In the blogosphere, I’ll go by the pseudonym “MwauraMswati”. I use Mswati figuratively. I look at the King of Swaziland as charming. I mean, look at the bevy of beauties that throng ceremonies where they are expected to expose their bosoms for a chance to be chosen as queens. “Queenship” comes with perks. Mwaura Mswati is a word charmer. I cajole words from my brain and write them down. I have never really talked about myself without having to toot my own horn thus boring people. I will keep this as short as I can.

I am always fascinated by solitude. I am more of a LONER and less of a RECLUSE. I fall somewhere in between.

I hold silent conversations in my head. This is when I get to observe, listen and learn. I then share the musings here as stories about people, life and inspiration.

My sitting in silence midwifed the birth of this blog.Here, you will find socially conscious stories.Words captured in silence can never be misquoted.
If you like it, remember to share the link, drop me an email at mwauramswati@gmail.com or follow me at Mwaura Jo Seph on social media.


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